Download and install these design inspiration bookmarks in your browser.
Open them all at once.
Open your mind.

Launch it when you need a burst of inspiration overload.
Or when you have time ahead of you to explore and discover mind-blowing art.

To install on Safari:

(1) Download and unzip the file linked above;
(2) In Safari, click View > Show Favorites Bar;
(3) in Safari, click File > Import from > Bookmarks HTML file;
(4) select the file, click Import;
(5) click View > Show Bookmarks Sidebar > drag the DESIGN bookmarks folder to your Favorites bar;
(6) right click on the bookmark in your Favourites bar, and select Automatically Replace Tabs.

To install on Firefox and Chrome:

(1) Download and unzip the file;
(2) Install Open Multiple URLs (Firefox) or Bulk URL Opener (Chrome) add-ons;
(3) Go to this website, select the bookmarks file you just downloaded and upload it in "File Extractor", and Copy all the Domains found to your clipboard;
(4) In the Firefox or Chrome add-ons, Paste and go to the URLs in tabs.

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